New Release: Spirits EP

With his debut EP ‘Spirits’ the south London guitar virtuoso provides effortless
examples of heartfelt, folk tinged, beautifully sung and perfectly executed
songwriting at it’s finest. Like his live performances, ‘Spirits’ is a well-crafted and
balanced experience, with the potential to break out into a visceral show of emotion
at any moment. With such evident influences as Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake, ‘Spirits’
is definitely a record after the purists’ own heart.

Using his solid singer-songwriter background to achieve the initial essence of the
record, Mark builds each hook-driven track into it’s own entity with the help of
electric guitars, keys, strings and flawless harmonies. This first record was recorded
in the heart of Vienna at Audio Heart Studios with fellow Brit, Dan Fisher sharing
production duties.

Audio Heart