Mark Peters: UK dates will be "best shows yet"

Mark Peters is determined to make his upcoming UK tour dates in Sheffield, Bristol and London, his best gigs so far.

The funk, pop, indie and finger-style three-piece, consisting of Mark Peters (vocals/guitar), Fabian Natter (drums) and Markus Manahl (bass), kick off their upcoming UK dates at the Cremorne in Sheffield on 3rd February.

Mark spoke to Audio Heart about what he's looking forward to over the coming weeks, and why he feels now is the time to bring his music back to the UK.

"It's about getting out there and playing. You can get used to yourself playing in front of one type of audience for too long. I've been playing in Austria for a number of years which is great, but you need variety, to get out of your comfort zone in order to improve your show. I'm sure with the help of UK audiences these will be my best shows yet"

"You can rehearse as much as you like, but nothing compares to playing live and having an immediate reaction to your music. It's been a long time since I last played in the UK. I was a completely different artist back then. Now I've put together a strong EP and a really talented band with Fabian and Markus, I'm in a good position to return and win over the people of Sheffield, Bristol and London."

Catch Mark Peters here:
3.2.2018 - The Cremorne - SHEFFIELD
5.2.2018 - Mr. Wolf's - BRISTOL
6.2.2018 - Fiddler's Elbow - LONDON
26.2.2018 - Half Moon - LONDON

Mark's debut EP 'Spirits' was released on 31st October 2017 via Audio Heart Records

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