Mark Peters: 5 things we loved about Bristol

Last night (5th February 2018) Mark Peters and his band played their second show of the 'Spirits' EP tour in Bristol, at the locally renowned Mr Wolfs. There was plenty of love in the room as Mark Peters wowed yet another tour audience with a fantastic set of live tunes. The positive reception Mark and his band enjoyed was certainly mutual. Here are the five things Mark Peters loved about Bristol:

1) The independent and alternative vibe - It's refreshing to see a city with new venues popping up all the time. Venues who are so receptive of booking out of town acts like myself. There's iconic architecture, art galleries, community cinema plus a legacy of music and street art. It's great to come here and throw my hat into the ring too!

2) The old town - we had a bit of time before the show so we took a walk through the winding streets. Bristol seems to be this really cosmopolitan place with an old medieval heart.

3) Mr Wolfs and the team - the guys at the venue could not have been more helpful. Me and the band are pretty pleased with the show last night, and that was in no small part down to how comfortable Mr Wolfs and the team made us feel.

4) 'Sum of all parts' played live for the first time - a great part about touring is you get to try out new material as you go. It felt good to finally get this new song out there and begin to perfect it in a live environment. You can see it again here at 28:50.

5) Fish and Chips - coming over from Austria I don't get to have a proper bag of Fish and Chips much anymore, so this was a real treat. We're looking forward to coming back in the near future for more live music and maybe a battered sausage!

You can catch Mark Peters on 6th February at the Fiddlers Elbow in London and on 26th February at the Half Moon in London.



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